Frequently Asked Questions

The Beer Advisor born as an independent project; listing and reviewing everything is related to the world of Beer.

This website has not been realized with the goal to compete with bigger, elder and exhaustive websites.


Q. Who can write a review?

A. All the registered user can write a review.

Q. How much it cost being a registered user?

A. Nothing. The registration is always and totally free of charge for all the users. However, about Pub, Restaurant and Beer Shop profiles, we reserve the rights to change this policy in the future.

Q. Why I can't submit a listing?

A. Only Brewery, Pub, Restaurant and Beer Shop profiles are allowed to submit a listing. If you are registered as a Reviewer, you can just submit reviews.

Q. How to submit a listing?

A. If you are allowed to submit a listing, the "Editor" menu will appear to the top main menu.

How to submit a listing

Q. Why I can't submit a review for my listings?

A. The listing author isn't allowed to submit reviews for his own listings. You can reviewing all the other listings.

Q. How to submit a review?

A. Register an account and login.

How to submit a review

Q. Why my listing is on "Pending" status?

A. All the listings are examined and moderated by the staff before being published.

Q. Why my review is on the "Pending" status?

A. All the reviews are examined and moderated by the staff before being published.

Q. I would like to submit a listing. How to change my profile?

A. Just send a message using our contact form; our team will change your profile as soon as possible.

Q. How to edit a listing?

A. Only the author can edit a listing (and the image). Find the icon to the left of the others buttons on the listings page and details page. On mouse-over, a menu with different options will appear.

How to edit a listing

Q. How to claim my brewery page and/or my beers listings?

A. The first step is to register a professional profile account (Brewery, Pub / Bar / Restaurant or Shop). The second step is to click the "Claim this Listing" button you find to the listing detail page and fill the form. Please note, in order to obtain the full control of the listing claimed, it's compulsory giving us proof of ownership of that listing. As soon as we will receive your request, our team will proceed to change the Author for all the listings concerning to your company.

How to claim a listing

Q. I found some mistakes to the description of the Brewery and/or Beer detail page. How to edit?

A. You have two choices;

  • You can register a professional account and claim all the pages/listing are concerning to your company. In this way, you'll be able to edit all the listings already published, submit new listings and new events.
  • You can send us an email using our contact form, taking care to report in details what you would like us to edit.